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Super Performance Database Web Grid

(on the fly)

  • Instantly create a universal paging grid web site on the fly
  • Automatically generates over 7000 lines of code, in 10 seconds, from a database table/view.
  • Update any record in grid and freeze back to grid, instantly. Even for large database tables with over millions of records.
  • Automatic virtual paging grid, reading large databases (millions of records accessed in 2 seconds).
  • Adjusts automatically as to table/view size, in refreshing an updated/added back into the grid.
  • ASP.NET and PHP versions.
  • Javascript protection and hidden.
  • Update, Add and Delete functions (with auto return grid record selection).
  • AJAX modal popups (Update, Add, Calendar and Progress Bar).
  • Multiple database connection (SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL and Oracle).

Create web site on the FLY

Web Site that has been created below

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